Developmental Milestones

A child's early years often bring wonder and excitement!  They are learning every day; changing rapidly from birth until kindergarten.  All children grow and develop skills at their own rate, but some children experience delays in their development.  
Parents know their children best and may be the first to notice that their child is developing differently than other babies or young children.  Please read the guidelines listed below and see what your child can do.  

1-3 mo         Supports upper body with arms when lying on stomach

                   Follows moving objects

                   Makes cooing sounds, vocal play begins at 3 months

                   Enjoys playing with others, may cry when playing stops

4-7 mo         Pushes up on extended arms

                   Looks for fallen toys

                   Babbling begins; listen for repeating sounds eg. “ma ma ma”

                   Enjoys social play eg. “peek a boo” or “so big”

8-12 mo       Can get into sitting position without help

                   Finds hidden objects easily

                   Says “dada” & “mama” for a specific person

                   Enjoys imitating people when playing

12-18 mo      Walks alone

                   Follows simple one step directions

                   Says at least 15 words by 18 mo. 

                   Knows the functions of common household objects

19-24 mo     Points to objects or pictures when named

                   Uses two word sentences

                   Begins to play make believe

                   Begins to show defiant behavior

25-36 mo     Runs easily

                   Builds a tower of more than six blocks

                   Strangers can understand most of their words

                   Plays make-believe with dolls, animals, and people

Is interested in other children and will play near them, using the same toys

3-4 yrs        •Pedals a tricycle

                   Begins to copy some letters in their name

                   Speaks in sentences of 5-6 or more words

                   Understands the concepts of same/different and big/little

4-5 yrs        •Runs, hops, and climbs on a variety of surfaces

                   •Draws a person with a body

                   •Recalls part of a story

                   Knows 5 shapes, 10 colors, & can count to 10

                   Wants to please and be with friends

                   •By age 4, easily separates from parent or caregiver        

                   •Understands two part directions with prepositions
    eg.  "Put the cup on the table and get your coat"


If you have questions or concerns, call the Minnewaska early childhood specialists at 320.239.1403.  We are here to help.

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