Mrs. Pam Mathiason

Mrs. Pam Mathiason

Pam Mathiason

Reading Enhancement for First Graders

Ways Parents Can Help Their Child

Start with a picture walk.

 Looking at the picture and discussing them with your child before the story will help your child to better understand the story.

 Have your child look at the picture for a clue.

 A good reader looks at the pictures for clues when trying to figure out a word they don't know. Encourage them to look at the pictures.

 Help your child think about what would make sense.

 Ask them what would make sense with the story and in the sentence. Think about what is happening and what the people might be saying.

Give your child time to think.

 If your child comes to a word he/she does not know, wait. Sometimes a child needs a little time to work things out in his/her head.

 Help your child find a part or "chunk"in the word.

 If a child is having trouble with the word, "catch", have them find the part they know, such as "at" or "cat".

 Encourage your child to go back and read it again.

 Remind your child to go back and try it again.

 Encourage your child to "get their mouth ready" for the tricky word.

Before they reread, look at the sound the tricky word starts with. Have your child get ready to make that sound when they come to that word in their rereading.

Be proud of your child's efforts.

Remember that reading is hard work. If they read something that makes sense and doesn't change the meaning, let it go. It makes your child feel good if you notice things they are doing RIGHT!


The Minnewaska Area Elementary School offers Reading Enhancement, a program for first grade students who may profit from additional help in reading and writing. This program provides thirty minutes of daily individualized reading instruction in addition to the regular reading curriculum. I am honored to be a part of this very effective reading program. This is my nineteenth year teaching this first grade reading program in the Minnewaska District.  I am married to Don, and live in the Glenwood area. We enjoy attending basketball games and music concerts.  

My Philosophy about literacy is that it is so important to provide our struggling readers with effective reading strategies to become a successful and independent reader.  Students who have an intervention at an early age reduces the magnitude of reading problems in later years.

Please feel free to contact me at Minnewaska Elementary (M.E.).

Pam Mathiason

Reading Teacher
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