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Mr. Riley Gustafson

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Course 2 (7th grade):Codes were provided in class.

Course 3 (8th grade): Codes were provided in class.

Physical Education/ Health

Contact Information


phone extension :1416

Office #: E116

2015-2016 Class Schedule

Health: A Day
Phyed: B Day 

4th Period:11:31-12:22  Prep 
5th Period: 12:27-1:18 5/6th grade PE/Health
6th Period:  1:23 - 2:14 7th grade PE/Health
7th Period:  2:19 - 3:10 8th grade PE/Health

Current Units

Please check google calendar listed below.

Grading Scale 

A 95-100%

A – 90-94%

B+ 87-89%

B 84-86%

B- 80-83%

C+ 77-79%

C 74-76%

C- 70-73%

D+ 67-69%

D 64-66%

D- 60-63%

My Philosophy:

In a perfect world all kids achieve sixty minutes of exercise a day. Physical education and health education classes provide the opportunity to assist kids to become the best they can be. Physical education and health education is a place to give the students a chance to explore new opportunities and develop characteristics that can be used throughout a lifetime. Both education courses not only aim for teaching healthy lifestyles, but they provide an opportunity for students to create goals and participate in physical activity. I strive for each student’s potential not only my courses but throughout their educational careers; this is accomplished by being passionate, modeling a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging students to discover their full potential. Physical education and health education allow kids to learn what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. I can’t imagine a place where these classes are disregarded. My message to students, parents, and teachers; is seven days without activity makes one weak.

I have always had a strong bonding relationship with physical education and health education; this is why I feel so strongly about my career path. I have a passion for each activity and it pours out with enthusiasm. Each school day I would like to show the students a reason to get up and come to my classes. I advocate for physical activity because of improvements in student’s academics, behavior, and improved attendance; initiatives such as Lets Move in School support these claims. This goes to show that teachers are here for a reason, and that is to advance the lives of our students. With hard work and dedication I know my students can achieve their lifelong goals.

Health and physical education offers a wide variety of skills and knowledge. My behavior discipline plan is as follows: I approach any issue with caution concerning others well-being. I take into consideration of others beliefs, ideas, and ethics to sort through situations. A conclusion can be made through discussion and compromise. With this discipline plan my class will be able to flow smoothly and I will be able to offer an optimal learning environment. My optimal learning environment will consist of a positive enthusiastic class, where we will build strong relationships. 

My ideas of becoming the best you can be will result in the student to effectively communicate, have fun, and most importantly participate. I want all students in my physical education and health education class to have the opportunity to have fun, work hard, and discover new opportunities. 


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