We want to ensure our students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to responsibly navigate this emerging modern world. To provide opportunities for our students, we implemented 1:1 mobile learning. The student to computing device ratio creates a seamless and dynamic educational experience for our students.

Our Goals

  • Enhance and accelerate learning
  • Leverage technology for individualizing instruction
  • Promote collaboration, increasing student engagement
  • Provide equity for all learners
  • Strengthen 21st Century skills necessary for future success

Tech Support

If you experience technical issues with your device our contact information is listed below. Provide your name, contact information, student’s name and student’s teacher in your voicemail or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


High School, Option 1
Tech Support, Option 5

Minnewaska Area Schools staff member Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer
IT Systems Manager

Computer Security

Device Security

Never leave the mobile device unattended. When not in your personal possession, the device should be in a secure, locked environment. Unattended devices will be collected and stored in the school’s main office.

Do not lend your device to another person. Each device is assigned to an individual and the responsibility for the care of the device solely rests with that individual.

Each device has a unique identification number and at no time should the numbers or labels be modified or removed.