School News

All MAS youth activities will pause through Friday, December 18th

Parents of Minnewaska Area Schools – Grades K-6 Youth Activity Participants:

In accordance with the Governor’s most recent executive order issued last night, all Minnewaska Area Schools youth activities will pause effective at 11:59 p.m. this Friday, November 20th through Friday, December 18th.  Further guidance will be forthcoming from the Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Community Education Association, Minnesota State High School League, and the Governor’s office as we move through the next four weeks. This includes, but not limited to, youth boys’ and girls’ basketball, wrestling, dance, swimming lessons, and any other youth sports-related activity.  For those of you having a participant in any of these programs, you will be hearing from the coordinators regarding plans going forward.

Thank you!

Bill Mills
Director of Community Education & Activities
Minnewaska Area Schools


MAS 7th-12th grade shift to Distance Learning

November 10, 2020

MAS Parents, Students and Staff:

Please see the link below announcing the Minnewaska decision to shift 7th-12th grade Learning Scenario from Hybrid to Distance Learning. No Change in K-6th grade plans.

Rick Ellingworth, Interim Superintendent of Schools


2020 Veterans Day Program

November 4, 2020

View this letter for information and details about the upcoming 2020 Minnewaska Area Schools Veterans Day Program.


MAS COVID Decision-making letter

October 27, 2020

MAS Students, Parents, and Staff:

The MAS School Board appointed a COVID School Scenario decision-making team. In an attempt to be transparent in these COVID times, MAS school board members have asked the administration to share information about the decision-making process so staff, students, and families may gain greater insight into the workings of the Command Team. An informative letter is linked below:

Rick Ellingworth, MAS Interim Superintendent


eLearning Parent Information, Expectations, and Staff Expectations

October 20, 2020

Be prepared for winter and check out this one PDF that contains three items shown below.

1.  A letter to parents, students, and staff informing everyone about how they will be notified for Weather-Related eLearning Days.

2.  A parent letter explaining the specifics of how a Weather-Related eLearning Day works.

3.  A grid showing Student and Staff Expectations on Weather-Related eLearning Days.

All of this information is sent your way so you may start preparing for a Weather-Related eLearning Day (which as explained in the letter), is different from Distance Learning.

Please look it over and be ready to implement an eLearning Day soon. eLearning plans and these letters are posted on the eLearning section of each school’s website page.




Revisions in School Transportation Plan

October 15, 2020

MAS Students Parents and Staff

Please review the attached letter (linked below) sharing some revisions made in the MAS Transportation Plan to begin Tuesday, October 20, 2020. Thank you to anyone who contacted us with concerns or input on improving the plans.

MAS Letter to Parents–Transportation Updates-10-15-2020

Rick Ellingworth

Interim Superintendent of MAS Schools


School Program and Transportation Change

October 12, 2020

MAS Parents, Students, and Staff

Please review the linked letter explaining MAS changes in Learning Scenario, Bus Transportation Schedules, and Student Drop-off/Pick-up Schedules

MAS OCT 12, 2020 Letter to Parents-Learning Scenario Change

Rick Ellingworth

Interim Superintendent of Schools


Fan Attendance at School Activities

October 7, 2020

MAS Parents, Students and Staff:

Please find below a link to a letter explaining specific requirements related to fan attendance at school activities.

Your ongoing patience and support is genuinely appreciated.

MAS Parent & Staff Letter-MSHSL.pdf

Rick Ellingworth, Interim Superintendent of Schools


MEA Meals

October 5, 2020

Reminder: If you signed up for meals for MEA break, pick up from 4-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13 at Minnewaska High School front entrance.


Free Meals and Replacement Cards

September 30, 2020
Free Meals
Through USDA funds, Food Service is able to refund all meals from the start of the school year back to student accounts!  All meals going forward are free to ALL students until Dec. 31, 2020 or until USDA funds are depleted.

Replacement Scan Cards

All students were given a scan card to ring up their meals at the start of school year, along with a lanyard.  They simply bring their card with them to lunch every day and swipe when checking out.  No more touching keypads and remembering lunch ID’s.  This helps to keep our students safe.  

Starting Sept. 28th, a $5.00 replacement fee will be charged to a student’s account for any lost cards. Please remind your student to keep their card in a secure place and bring it with them to lunch daily. 

Students can also use the barcode on their phone by having the StudentVue app.